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Muhammed Mukhthar CM


Getting Started with Dart Edge and Cloudflare Workers

February 14, 2023


Error Pages in Sveltekit

February 24, 2022


Setup Tailwind CSS in Astro

January 23, 2022

astro tailwind

Zoom Image on Hover in Tailwind CSS

January 13, 2022


Bearer Token Authentication in Flutter

October 10, 2021


Quickly Install Appwrite on Digital Ocean

October 5, 2021


Bought a Digital Ocean Droplet

October 3, 2021

Find File extension from File path in Flutter

August 26, 2021


The Dart String Endswith method

August 23, 2021

dart flutter

Convert String to Lower Case and Upper Case in Dart

August 22, 2021

dart flutter

The Dart String Trim method

August 21, 2021

dart flutter

Deleting a Firestore Document in Flutter

August 20, 2021

flutter firebase

Update Firestore Document in Flutter

August 19, 2021

flutter firebase

Adding Dart Objects to Firestore in Flutter

August 18, 2021

flutter firebase

Flutter Listview From Firestore using Dart Objects

August 17, 2021

flutter firebase

Disabling Touch Events in Flutter

August 16, 2021


Change Logo in Flutter Android Application

August 15, 2021


Setup Firebase Messaging in Flutter

August 14, 2021

flutter firebase

Persisting Data on Firebase Emulator

August 13, 2021


Firebase Emulator setup for Flutter

August 12, 2021

flutter firebase

Easy Dialogs using GetX

May 2, 2021

flutter getx

Check App on Different Screen Sizes and Orientations

April 30, 2021


Sharing Files in Flutter

April 27, 2021


Lock Device Orientation in Flutter

April 25, 2021


Create an Image from Widget in Flutter

April 23, 2021


Exit Confirmation in Flutter

April 20, 2021


Show Licenses in Flutter

March 27, 2021


How to change the Border Shape of InkWell widget?

March 25, 2021


Create Custom Buttons in Flutter

March 24, 2021


Create a project with Custom Package Name in Flutter

March 23, 2021


Flutter Firebase Android Setup

March 22, 2021

flutter firebase

GetX Navigation Basics

March 21, 2021

flutter getx

Using Storage Permission in Flutter

March 20, 2021


Flutter Snackbar Without Context using GetX

March 19, 2021

flutter getx

Different Types of Snapshots in Flutter

March 18, 2021

flutter firebase

Flutter ListView from Firebase Firestore

March 17, 2021

flutter firebase

Storing Custom Class Objects in Hive

March 16, 2021

flutter hive

Flutter Web Quickstart

March 15, 2021


Ternary operator in Dart

March 15, 2021

dart flutter

Create Apps using Blogger API in Flutter

March 14, 2021


Image with Rounded corners in Flutter

November 24, 2020

flutter image

Scoop: Give your Windows Machine Super(Unix)Powers!

October 19, 2020

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