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GetX Navigation Basics

Mar 21, 2021 2 min read

As I told in the post about Showing Snackbars using GetX, GetX is an awesome all-in-one package. Another great feature in GetX is easy navigation without a lot of boilerplate code.

The most useful feature of GetX navigation is not the decreased number of Lines of Code, but The ability to use these within our Business Logic.

As they don’t need context, we can simply use them inside our Business Logic 😊.

We know, Navigation in Flutter consist of lots of code. For just navigating to another page, we have to write

        builder: (context) => SecondPage(),

but in GetX, all we wanna do is

  () => SecondPage(),

Three lines of code instead of Five! Isn’t it awesome?

Go back / close current route

For closing current route in Normal way, we would do,


in GetX,


Close current route and push a new One instead

In this scenario, the normal way would be to

        builder: (context) => HomePage(),

in getx


yes! just one line!

Close several pages and Push new page

To close several pages and push a new page to stack, the normal way would be,

        builder: (context) => HomePage(),
(route) => false);

in getx,


Important ⚠️

Obviously, to all of these to work, we have to change our MaterialApp to a GetMaterialApp like it told in my post about GetX SnackBars

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