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Create Custom Buttons in Flutter

Mar 24, 2021 1 min read

The default set of Buttons in Flutter is very cool. But what if we have to design a custom button? Like an Image with rounded corners, when we click on it, it takes is to a details page.

In this scenario, we can use InkWell widget. The InkWell widget has properties like onTap So we can put our function to be executed in that method.

Suppose YourWidget is our custom fancy widget that we want to make a button.

  child: YourWidget();
  onTap: (){
    print("I got pressed!");
    //Put anything we have to execute here

The above code will print I got pressed in the console. That’s it. To make a widget a button, all we have to do is, wrap it with inkWell and provide a function in onTap method!

There is one catch,

:warning: In order to have these splash effects, the InkWell widget should have a material ancestor. Otherwise, it’ll not have that ripple/splash effets. And if we don’t need those, we can just use a GestureDetector.

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