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Muhammed Mukhthar CM

Bought a Digital Ocean Droplet

Oct 3, 2021 1 min read

Yesterday I bought my first Digital Ocean droplet. I’ve got the $100 credit as part of the Github Student Developer Pack. So I don’t have to pay anything for this 😄.

This is the first time I am really using a VM. Last year, I completely wasted my Azure credits which I got as part of the same Github Student Developer Pack without knowing what to do with it. So I am not gonna make the same mistake this time!

This time I had a purpose for creating a VM. It is to try out the incredible Appwrite BAAS. You know I have always been a fan of the Firebase Baas. So It’s an incredible feeling to check the alternatives out there!

Even though appwrite is the main purpose, I probably won’t stop with it. Stay tuned!

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