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Muhammed Mukhthar CM

Exit Confirmation in Flutter

Apr 20, 2021 1 min read

We don’t want our users to Accidentally close our App. So, Confirmation Popups are a common feature in any Mobile App. We have a widget in Flutter for doing this.

In Flutter, we have a widget Named WillPopScope. We just have to wrap our Page in this widget and provide a function to its onWillPop argument. It will be triggered when the user tries to close the current route. The onWillPop will accept a Future<bool> Function. If that function returns false, the current Route will not be popped.

For Example, passing the below Function to onWillPop will bring up a Dialog with Exit confirmation.

 Future<bool> _onWillPop() async {
    return (await showDialog(
          context: context,
          builder: (context) => AlertDialog(
            title: Text('Are you sure?'),
            content Text('Do you want to exit the App'),
            actions: <Widget>[
                onPressed: () => Navigator.of(context).pop(false),
                child: Text('No'),
                onPressed: () => Navigator.of(context).pop(true),
                child: Text('Yes'),
        )) ??

As you can see, Clicking the Yes Button will Close our App. And Clicking the No Button will Close the Popup only.

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